Coronavirus and Conference Update


IENE International Conference, new scheduled dates: 9-14 January 2021 (18th March 2020)

Previously we regrettably informed you about the need, due the COVID-19 crisis, of postponing the IENE 2020 International Conference, initially scheduled to take place between 6 and 9 of April 2020, in Évora, Portugal.

Now, we have the pleasure to announce that the IENE International Conference. LIFE LINES – Linear Infrastructure Networks with Ecological Solutions was been rescheduled, and will take place at the same location, on the beginning of the next year, between 9 and 14 January 2021.

The original programme of the conference and the associated events (training sessions; field trips, and side events) will be kept as much as possible.

Thus, we encourage you to keep your registration, payments and presentations, and only reschedule your travel arrangements and accommodation accordingly.

However, if for any reason you will not be able to attend the Conference in these new dates, you can ask for a reimbursement sending an email to explaining your situation. If this will be the case, we will make all the efforts to fully reimburse the payments that you may have already made to the University of Évora (excluding possible bank taxes that may apply in some cases).

Considering the postponement, many small issues are still being evaluated or reorganized. So, visit regularly this webpage for updates.

Looking forward to meeting you safely in Évora, next January!


Postponement of the “IENE 2020 International Conference” (11th March 2020)

In face of the COVID-19 outbreak, following the recommendations from Health Authorities, the IENE Governance Board (GB) and the IENE 2020 Organizing Committee have decided to postpone the IENE 2020 conference until further notice. We are currently exploring alternative dates (likely still within this year) and will inform you about the new timing as soon as possible.

We will maintain the original conference program as much as possible, including all associated activities such as training seminars, field excursions and side events. We encourage you therefore to keep your registration, payments and presentations, and only reschedule your travel arrangements and accommodation accordingly.

In case you will need to withdraw your participation, we seek to provide reimbursement options. For those of you who have not yet registered, but plan to attend the conference, we recommend you to wait until the new dates are published.

New information about the development and practical details will be sent out by email and posted on the IENE 2020 website.

We are fully aware of the inconveniences and extra costs that the postponement of the conference implies for everybody, but it appears as the only reasonable option to ensure our safety and health. We thank you for your understanding.

Looking forward to welcome you safely in Évora!


Contingency plan for COVID-19 (5th March 2020)

The University of Évora, following recent national legislation regarding the coronavirus "COVID-19” outbreak, has put in place a contingency plan that includes: the definition of isolation rooms in all buildings; direct telephone contact numbers for SOS, as well as dispensers with disinfectant solution distributed throughout the different buildings.

We believe that it will be useful to regularly visit the website of the General Directorate of Health to obtain updates on the situation in Portugal and in the world (e.g. DGS - in portuguese)

Recomendations on COVID-19 (4th March 2020)

Following the recent coronavirus “COVID-19” outbreak, during the last days some participants have raised questions about the possible effects/implications of COVID-19 on the Conference, and therefore we decided to provide you with some latest information and clarifications about the issue through this email.

IENE Governance Board (IENE GB) and IENE International Conference 2020 (IENE IC 2020) organizers are concerned about the potential risk posed by COVID-19 on participants of the Conference that will take place in Evora between 6 and 9th April 2020. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring the evolution of the situation, including the recommendation of WHO and responsible Portuguese authorities.

At present, Portugal is not a risk country and Evora region is less likely to be a risk area.

So, the latest IENE GB decision (as of 3rd March) is to organize the IENE IC 2020 as planned but also to develop a contingency plan in accordance with the latest developments of the COVID-19 situation.

Following Health Authorities recommendations we kindly request all participants coming from, or that were in the 14 days before the Conference, in risk areas (China, South Korea; Japan, Singapura, Iran, Italy: Emiglia – Romana; Italy: Lombardia; Italy: Piemonte; Italy: Veneto) to cancel their presence due to risk posed to the other participants; The same request extents to participants that may be sick (e.g. flu symptoms) or were in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Otherwise, we encourage the other participants to keep their plans and attend the Conference in Évora.

If the conditions change over the next weeks, as soon as possible, but no later than 20th of March, IENE GB and IENE 2020 IC organizers will take an official decision on whether to proceed with the conference or to postpone it.