Presentation/ Workshop Guidelines


Presentations Guidelines

  • Two types of presentations are possible at the IENE 2020 International Conference: Pitch (Full oral presentations) and Poster presentations. Poster may be only printed or include also a short presentation (Lightning talks).

  • Please have in mind that to keep with the schedule, the chair session of each session will be asked to keep strict time management.

  • All communications (oral and poster) must be presented in English.


Oral presentations guidelines

  1. Pitch (Full oral presentations): Full presentations are 15-minutes long; 10 minutes should be used for presenting and 5 minutes for questions and answers.

  2. Short presentations of the poster (Lightning talks) are 3-minutes long (including presenting the authors, affiliation, theme and summary of the poster). At the end of each poster lighting sessions 10 to 15 minutes will be allocated for general questions and answers.

  3. The rooms are equipped with a beamer and a Windows computer that allows PowerPoint files (ppt/pptx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf) presentations. It will not be possible to use your own computer.

  4. All slides must be in the traditional 4:3 format.

  5. Authors must send or deliver the communications to the Organization Team until a day before the presentation. If your presentation is planned for the first day, deliver it on the moment of your registration.

  6. We recommend that animated presentations (or uncommon Windows fonts/symbols) be tested by the authors in the dedicated laptop during the first hour of the morning of the day of the session to minimize visualization problems during the presentations.

  7. Whenever possible, we recommend speakers to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of each session, to meet the chair of the corresponding session and to ensure that the presentation has been properly loaded on the dedicated laptop. We also suggest that speakers sit at or near the front of the room to facilitate the transition between presentations.

Poster guidelines

  1. Authors are responsible for putting up their posters upon arrival at the conference. All posters should be on the displayed location before lunchtime of the 7 April. The poster will be on display throughout the Conference. To each poster will be assigned a number corresponding to the board number where it should be displayed. Attaching poster materials will be provided.

  2. The poster dimensions should not exceed portrait A0 format, 84.1 cm (2’09”) wide x 118.9 cm (3’10”) height.

  3. Allocate the top of the poster with the title, authors and affiliations as stated on the submitted abstract.

  4. Text, illustrations, and all different components of the poster should be readable from a distance of 2 m (6.6 feet).

  5. On the first conference day, a 1-hour poster session is scheduled at which authors should be near the corresponding poster to present or discuss their work with interested people. Participants and authors are encouraged to visit the poster room also at other moments during the conference.

  6. Posters should be removed by the authors at the end of the conference. All posters not removed will be recycled. The conference will not be responsible for any posters left behind.


Workshop Proposals

At the IENE 2020 Conference there will be good opportunities for the organisation of interactive workshops. A total of thirteen workshops based on proposals from different teams is scheduled.

  1. Workshops will be 90 to 135 minutes long and may include work sessions, brainstorming sessions, panel discussions, break-out groups, etc., around a specific subject related to one or more of the IENE 2020 Conference program topics. Sufficient time should be planned for the audience to engage with the presenters and each other in a meaningful dialogue about the subject.

  2. An interactive design of the workshop is obligatory; the workshop design should encourage the audience to actively participate.